Tropical Sunrise Nice Cream Bowl

The North Shore is out of control right now with the Quicksilver Eddie Aikau right down the street from our place!! It was just put on hold but there are thousands of people everywhere so we wont be driving anywhere today! Maybe we should put out a stand and sell smoothie bowls! haha!

If you ever have a chance to see this contest its incredible! Its a big wave contest that needs pretty much perfect conditions. The last time it was held was about 9 years old. It honestly looks like the world is folding in half and then you see a little tiny speck surfing down the wave! Those surfers are not even human! Its amazing…

So, Nicecream! Here is another VERY simple recipe that is popping with freshness and will take you straight to the tropics!


  • 2 handfuls of tropical mix frozen fruit (papaya, pineapple, mango – at costco)
  • 2 fresh ripe bananas, or frozen
  • 1 fresh papaya, or mango, or pineapple for extra fresh taste and nutrients!


  • Put the fresh fruit in first and then the frozen to ease the blending process.
  • Blend, stop, mash down, blend, stop mash down, until you see that thick creamy swirl!
    • If you have frozen bananas, that works too!

Hope you have a beautiful day!! We will cruising staying close to home today 🙂

P.S. our garden is fully blooming!! I can’t believe its working! I’ll take a pic soon!

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